Resources for Clean Vehicle Tax Credit Registration
FADA has been made aware of issues with both the seller reporting and advance payment program with regard to the Clean Vehicle Tax Credit registration. For those encountering hurdles with EV Tax Credit registration, here’s crucial information and resources to navigate the current challenges:
Issues with Final Registration and Bank Clearance:
If you are encountering issues with final registration or bank clearance, the IRS likely has to manually verify your information, especially if you are a S-Corporation or Partnership. You’ll be put into a “pending status”. After that, the IRS will contact you by phone or email to begin verifying your information, where you may be expected to provide a voided check. It can take 15 or more days for this process to begin.
Long Wait Times:
Dealers are encouraged to submit this information as soon as possible. Please be aware that because the portal opened a few months ago, the IRS is experiencing a backlog and response times may be delayed. As of now, there is no way to expedite this process. FADA will update you with more information as we receive it.
IRS Registration Help Desk:
Contact [email protected]. This is your go-to address for direct assistance regarding IRS registration issues. However, you should expect a 2 week response time.
Florida Sales Taxability of EV Tax Credit:
FADA has reached out to the Florida Department of Revenue (DOR) regarding the taxability of the EV Tax Credit. DOR is treating it as a manufacturer’s rebate which is NOT a reduction in the selling price (net selling price) by the dealer. Dealers should charge sales tax for the selling price of the vehicle and then apply the EV Tax Credit as a down payment. We received this information verbally today, Friday, January 12, and we should receive it in writing by the first of next week.
A Note to Our Members:
We understand the frustration caused by these registration issues and are committed to supporting you through this process. Please reach out to [email protected] to keep us aware of any issues you are having.