The Voice of Florida’s Automobile Dealers

Did you know that Florida’s automobile dealers generated over one billion dollars in total sales in Florida alone in 2020? That equates to 16% of Florida’s sales tax. Since 1920, the Florida Automobile Dealers Association (FADA) has served, protected and advocated for the interests of new, franchised automobile and truck dealers in Florida.  How do we do this?

  1. Facilitate the exchange of ideas among members

  2. Provide information, technical assistance, education and products and services for members

  3. Encourage sound business policies and promote ethical standards

  4. Work with the Florida Legislature to promote legislation that enhances the automobile industry in Florida

  5. Represent dealers through liaison with all line make factories

  6. Promote a competitive marketplace for Florida consumers

  7. Work closely with the Florida agencies that regulate the automobile industry to ensure the fair treatment of members while maintaining the interests of consumers

  8. Work closely with the media and consumer groups to educate and enlighten the public on all automobile industry issues

  9. Work with other business and industry coalitions to promote and enhance Florida’s business climate

  10. Be a solid source of value-based communication to our members