Membership for Dealerships

Membership with the FADA is reserved for NEW franchised automobile and truck dealerships in Florida.

Big Bang for Your Buck!

A dealership membership covers every employee in your single store or group.  So whether your store(s) has 3 employees or 103 it doesn’t matter – the fee is the same.  Every employee in any department can tap into the trusted FADA information stream for resources specific to their area of operation.  This is a standing offer “day after day, all year long” providing big bang for your buck.

What Benefits Do All Dealership Employees Receive?

  • “Peace of mind” protection with FADA’s lobbying representation from the top firms in the state – Florida has one of the toughest franchise laws in the country!
  • Drive through unforeseen road blocks using FADA’s relationships with the Dept. of Motor Vehicles, the Attorney General, and many more
  • Avoid legal trouble by staying up to date with deconstructed statutes and regulatory guidelines in our online resource section
  • Access to FADA’s legal team specializing in operational and franchise law
  • Save time, money, and headaches in searching for best vendor by using FADA Services’ Endorsed Partners
  • Financial assistance to qualifying dealership employees from the Florida Automobile Dealers Charitable Foundation (FADCF)

FADA offers two membership classifications, single and group.

  1. Single membership is a new franchised car dealership with only one location, regardless of the number of franchises. Member dues are based on the number of new cars/trucks sold in the previous year.
  2. Group membership is comprised of the parent (largest sales volume in the group) and affiliate location(s) – any other stores related to the parent. Member dues are based on the number of new cars/trucks sold in previous year for the Parent location; and a flat discount fee for each additional affiliate store. FADA must receive the entire group payment before the membership will be processed.

Note: FADA By-Laws require all stores in a group to join in order to secure membership.

Need Help?

If you have any questions, please contact Mandy Hansen, Director of Member Relations, at or (850) 224-2589.

You may also view a pdf version of the membership application here.