Dealer Membership

If you are a new, franchise dealership (car or truck) in the state of Florida, you should be a member of FADA.

FADA is a trade association, which means your dealership joins. What is this important? Because dealer membership covers every employee in every store. Every department can tap into the trusted FADA information stream for resources specific to their area of operation. And because we have been protecting Florida franchisees for over 100 years, you can trust us to be your number one resource for news and information in the Florida automobile industry.

What Benefits Do Dealership Employees Receive?

  • Legislative Representation: Peace of mind protection with FADA’s lobbying representation from the top firms in the state.
  • Franchise Protection: Florida has one of the toughest franchise laws in the country and FADA continues to fight year after year to keep these laws strong so you can continue to operate successfully in your daily business
  • Regulatory Representation: FADA helps our member dealers drive through unforeseen road blocks using our relationships with state government agencies.
  • Bulletins and Alerts: Avoid legal trouble by staying up to date with members only access to news, guidelines, laws, statutes and resources
  • Legal Team: Access to team of attorneys who specialize operational and franchise law
  • Endorsed Partners: The ability to save time and money through pre-negotiated discounts
  • Foundation: The Florida Automobile Dealers Charitable Foundation exists to provide financial assistance to qualifying dealership employees in times of natural disaster
  • Association Staff: An association staff that works full-time for your benefit. Assistance is only a phone call or email away on a daily basis.

FADA offers two membership classifications, single and group.

  1. Single membership applies to new franchised dealerships with only one location, regardless of the number of franchises sold out of the one location. Member dues are based on the number of new cars/trucks sold in the previous year.
  2. Group membership applies to franchised dealerships that have multiple locations. Member dues are based on the number of new cars/trucks sold in previous year for the parent location; and a flat discount fee for each additional affiliate store. Note: FADA By-Laws require all stores in a group to join in order to secure membership.

Need Help?

Questions? Contact [email protected] or call (850) 224-1466.

Download a PDF of the membership application here.