Since 1920, the Florida Automobile Dealers Association has served as the advocate for Florida’s dealers in the legislature.  One of FADA’s primary objectives is to become one of the most influential members of the Florida business community.  Our success depends on dealer involvement, not just staff expertise. We depend upon your active involvement in FADA’s grassroots lobbying process – your quick response to our call-to-action legislation reports and through your financial support.  Take action now using the information below and be a part of your success! 

How to Get Involved

  • Find out who your legislators are, contact them and introduce yourself. Better yet, invite them for a cup of coffee at your dealership; it will be a great way to introduce yourself and give them a first-hand look at your business.
  • Visit Tallahassee during Session. The 2019 Session runs from March 3th – May 5th, we’d love to welcome you here. Walk the halls of the capitol, meet your legislators, and see first-hand how FADA works during Session. Get in touch – we’d love the opportunity to welcome you to Tallahassee.
  • Donate to CAR-PAC, it’s an investment in your business, your future, and your industry because CAR-PAC is the juice of our legislative process.

Do you know who your legislators are? CLICK HERE to find out.