FADA understands the challenges facing automobile dealerships. Our job is to scrutinize the companies our dealerships use on a daily basis and recommend the very best solutions to our membership. In order to be considered for Endorsed Partnership, companies have to be nationally recognized, have an excellent history and reputation with our Dealer Members, and be vetted amongst others within your same market. Companies who are interested in partnering with FADA, should first be an active Associate Member with our FADA. Benefits of Associate Membership as well as an online membership form can be found here. 

DLRdmv is Florida’s leading eTitling provider. Our market-leading technology brings the DMV intot he dealership. Customers get a plate when they buy a vehicle, and no one visits the DMV. Our solutions are specifically designed to remove friction from the title and registration process at every turn. We give dealers and budyers what they want – a process that is lighting fast, penny perfect and fully compliant. DLRdmv is trusted by thousands of dealers as a certified Electronic Filing System (EFS) and Electronic Title Registration (ETR) provider in the state of Florida. For more information, please visit our website or contact us here

ACV Auctions is a full-service automotive marketplace fueled by innovative technology and superior customer service. ACV has transformed the automotive industry by building the most trusted, efficient digital marketplace along with data solutions for sourcing, selling and managing used vehicles. ACV provides a level of trust and transparency that was once unimaginable. We sell millions of vehicles to more than 16,000 active dealers. Take a look as this testimony from dealer Sam Galloway Automotive. For more information, please visit our website, or contact us here.

ComplyAuto offers cloud-based solutions to help dealerships across with their state privacy and federal compliance goals, including the GLBA’s Safeguards Rule. ComplyAuto understands the legal nuances as they apply to dealerships and offers solutions for both the technical requirements, such as intrusion and attack detection (EDR/MDR), multi-factor authentication (MFA), device encryption, and monitoring use of sensitive customer information (DLP), and the non-technical requirements, such as third-party contracts and vendor risk assessments. For more information please visit our website or email us here

ComplyAuto Safety offers automated EHS software designed to reduce dealership risks and keep your employees safe, all in a simple cloud-based software. This solution gives dealership operators increased control over enviormental health and safety compliance with on-site audits by certified inspectors, and the most comprehensive training library available. For more information please visit our website or email us here.

American Fidelity understands that the automotive industry is fast-paced and constantly evolving. Our experience in the automotive market allows us to design benefit plans that meet the specific needs of your industry. We work with over 2,800 automotive employers. Our team becomes an extension of your Human Resources department help you keep up with employee benefits administration, communication and education – while you focus on your customers. For more information visit our website or email us here.

Reynolds and Reynolds is the industry leader in automotive technology and digitization for automotive retailers. We feature the industry’s only Retail Management System. This platform gives dealers a choice in DMS along with retailing tools built to work together to streamline dealership operations and to improve customer satisfaction with the dealership. We also manufacture and distribute business forms and promotional items. Our products help dealers reduce compliance risk, brand their dealership, increase efficiency and simplify administrative processes. For more information visit our website or contact us here.