FADA understands the challenges facing automobile dealerships. Our team knows how to evaluate the very best solutions. You can be confident the Endorsed Partners listed below have been fully vetted and scrutinized to help our Member Dealers increase productivity and reduce operating expenses.  



ACV Auctions is a full-service, coast-to-coast, wholesale automotive auction. ACV inspectors are deployed directly to franchised dealerships to complete comprehensive condition reports and launch wholesale vehicles to auction. We have thousands of buyers nationwide, and unmatched transparency. We provide unbiased vehicle information so you can turn your inventory into cash in minutes.

20-minute Auction. Receive real time notifications of wholesale inventory, fresh from the franchise. Bid in $100 increments – or place a proxy bid allowing ACV to automatically bid for you. And with ACV you can easily set filters to only receive notifications for vehicles that are relevant to your specific inventory needs. You never have to see an unwanted vehicle again!  

The automotive industry is constantly evolving, with the landscape of sales and service changing as
rapidly as new transportation technology. You deserve a partner who understands the need to adapt quickly and who leads the way, when needed.

American Fidelity does just that by continually looking at the latest trends in employer benefit solutions for the automotive industry and building strategic, custom recommendations. As a specialist in your industry, American Fidelity can provide you with a different perspective — a different opinion.

Credit First National Association (CFNA) is a federally chartered bank in Cleveland, Ohio, which is wholly owned by Bridgestone Americas, a longstanding leader in the automotive and tire industry. The Florida Automobile Dealers Association (FADA) credit card is dedicated for purchases at specific FADA dealerships.

Often, retailers prefer their own card because it offers customers another way to shop with them, thus increasing sales. The FADA card can be offered as a convenience for your customers as a way to build customer loyalty for your locaiton, stimulate more sales for your business and keep customers coming back for repeat purchases.

DLRdmv provides safe and secure etitling solutions to Dealers painlessly. Our eTitling automation provides real-time tags and registration, connecting dealers directly to the DMV for metal plates, temp tags and provides smarter business solutions.

Our AccuFee Calculator provides precision fee quotes accurately at the point-of-sale which eliminates costly refund checks, maximizes FI gross opportunities, and provides proprietary AccuFee technology.

Our F&I eForms provide laser deal packs which save time and optimize workflows by auto-populating deal forms, lighning F&I printing and steamlining titling processing.

Reynolds and Reynolds develops and supports software for automotive retailers. We feature the industry’s only Retail Management System. This platform gives dealers a choice in dealership management systems (DMS) — ERA-IGNITE or POWER — along with retailing tools built to work together to streamline dealership operations and to improve customer satisfaction with the dealership.

We also manufacture and distribute business forms and promotional items. Our products help dealers reduce compliance risk, brand their dealership, increase efficiency and simplify administrative processes.