Resources for ECO Registration Issues

For those encountering hurdles with ECO registration, here’s crucial information and resources to navigate the current challenges:

IRS Registration Help Desk:
Contact: [email protected]
This is your go-to address for direct assistance regarding IRS registration issues.

Updated IRS Dealer Registration FAQ:
Click here for the IRS dealer registration FAQ
FAQ No. 14 acknowledges the special character problem and reassures that the IRS is actively working to resolve it. We’re monitoring this issue closely, recognizing it as a technology glitch that requires IRS intervention for resolution.

Webinars and Slide Decks:
Navigate to the below webinars and slide decks offered by NADA for more information. Your NADA login credentials are required for access.
NADA Registration Webinar – “Getting Charged Up for the Federal Clean Vehicle Tax Credits”
IRS/Treasury Registration Webinar – “Treasury Clean Vehicle Tax Credits Update”

We understand the frustration caused by these registration issues and are committed to supporting you through this process. Should you require further assistance, please feel free to reach out to [email protected]. Your success with ECO registration matters to us.