Reynolds & Reynolds 3 Ways Most Marketing Programs Fail to Reach a Key Audience and How to Fill the Gaps

According to a recent study by S&P Global, the average age of vehicles on the road today has reached a new
high of 12.5 years. Interest rates also continue to rise, causing customers to keep their current vehicles longer
and opt for long-term maintenance instead of purchasing a new vehicle. This makes focusing on retention in
your service drive more important than ever.

Most service marketing programs typically target customers with vehicle ages of the last seven model years,
which leaves behind a large, highly profitable customer base – older vehicles. If the average age of vehicles on
the road is 12.5 years, so should be the cars your customers are bringing through your service drive.
Failing to reach this high-dollar customer base can leave major gaps in your marketing communications, so
take a second to ask yourself what your marketing program is doing to reach this audience. Better yet, ask
yourself what is it NOT doing? Read more in the latest piece from FADA Endorsed Partner, Reynolds & Reynolds.