Today, new-vehicle buyers spend 7 hours-out of a total of 13 hours and 4 minutes of total shopping time-researching their purchase online. And 74 percent of today’s vehicle buyers end up buying the vehicle they researched online.

Even so, 85 percent of car shoppers want to buy in-person, and 90 percent would not buy a car or truck without a test drive.

Taken together, this means today’s consumer needs to be able to do a significant amount of online research and be able to visit the dealership for a test-drive, to trade in a current vehicle and to get a hands-on review of the latest safety and technology features of a new car or truck.

Today’s dealership excels at providing both-the best virtual and physical shopping experience that every customer deserves. In addition to more than $200 billion invested in brick-and-mortar stores, dealerships invest hundreds of millions more updating and modernizing their websites and other digital platforms to communicate more efficiently and effectively with their customers.