The new year is right around the corner, and as 2022 comes to a close, local dealerships and legacy automakers are taking major strides to boost electrification in the United States. The latest investment in electrification comes from GM and their local dealership partners, who have committed to building out critical charging infrastructure for electric vehicles (EVs), a move that will encourage more consumers to join the electric revolution.

This past week, General Motors (GM) officially kicked off its long-awaited Dealer Community Charging program. Through this initiative, GM plans to invest $750 million to install 40,000 new EV charging stations at dealerships throughout the U.S. and Canada. Roughly 1,000 GM dealers have already signed up for the program, and more are likely to follow as consumer interest in EVs and EV registrations continues to grow.

GM’s rollout of its charging program comes at a critical time for EVs. GM and many other legacy automotive brands now offer competitive EVs with more and more new EV models hitting showrooms everyday. What’s more, consumers have demonstrated they trust and prefer buying and servicing EVs at the local dealerships they know and trust rather than at distant service centers offered by direct sales competitors. All things considered, now more than ever a robust charging infrastructure like the one GM is building is what we need to keep America’s electrification rolling.

Next year has the potential to be the biggest year yet for EVs in America. Thanks to legacy automakers and local dealerships, potential is about to become reality.