In the most recent legislative session, the Georgia General Assembly passed Senate Bill 65, which made several changes to the title ad valorem tax (TAVT) code sections, which apply to vehicles purchased or sold on or after January 1, 2020. The two changes that apply to most vehicle transactions are:

  • The TAVT rate will be lowered to 6.6% of the fair market value of the motor vehicle from 7%.
  • The cutoff year for reduced TAVT rate (1%) for older vehicles changed to 1989, so the reduced rate applies to any person who purchases a 1963 through 1989 model year motor vehicle.

“We are excited to implement Senate Bill 65 which ultimately reduces the TAVT paid on vehicles by Georgians throughout the state,” said Revenue Commissioner David Curry. “We look forward to helping put money back into the hands of hardworking taxpayers.”

For more information on the changes stemming from Senate Bill 65, please visit the Department’s Website.

Source: Georgia Automobile Dealers Association