After months of deliberation, the FADA Board of Directors moved forward to challenge Hyundai Motors of America on the requirement that dealers must execute a separate dealer agreement in order to be allocated the new Ioniq vehicles. FADA has been advised of DMV’s denial, under the claim that FADA does not have standing to bring such a petition for this perceived violation of Florida law, because FADA is not a dealer or a person with entitlements under the law. 

FADA asserts that each Hyundai dealer should be entitled to purchase from HMA all models distributed by HMA for the Hyundai linemake.  Hyundai is requiring all dealers who wish to purchase the Ioniq vehicles to enter into a separate Participation Agreement.

DMV’s failure to permit this petition forces the FADA to take this matter to the Florida District Court of Appeals to rule on the issue of association standing, in order to get to the real issue of the legality of such an agreement. FADA is in the process of filing its petition with the Appeals Court and DMV will have to defend their position on this lack of proper standing.