In 2021, Bean Automotive Group joined forces with Miami Dade College to inaugurate the dealership’s first automotive technician apprenticeship program. The company seeks to create new opportunities in a competitive automotive service industry that is constantly seeking top talent.  The partnership with Miami-Dade College will educate and train the automotive technicians of tomorrow.

The technician apprenticeship program was made possible with the assistance of the Miami Dade Beacon Council and Career Source of South Florida. It will involve classroom instruction and on-the-job training to give MDC students the opportunity to get paid while learning the skills necessary to graduate as professional auto technician specialists.

“I’m so excited about this program and see a lot of potential with the way Bean Automotive Group has transformed our Lexus of West Kendall service center to be a real hands-on training facility. I would’ve been so grateful to have had this when I started my career. The classroom environment and resources made available for our apprentices will definitely set us apart from other auto tech programs in Florida,” says Lexus of West Kendall’s Master Diagnostic Technician Alvaro Bonfante.

Bonfante is excited to lead the first group of apprentices this summer. Having been self-taught, he believes it’s a wonderful opportunity to mentor young mechanics.  Bonfante will incorporate the Toyota manufacturing principle of “kaizen” (continuous improvement) into the program as he guides apprentices through a fast-track career program.

Bonfante explains that “with the technology changing so fast, I’ve seen many technicians fall behind and not be able to properly diagnose a vehicle. Here at Lexus and Toyota, we are seeing more hybrid vehicles and can expect to work on more electric cars in the near future. I want to show my students how to stay updated with the changing technology.”

Enrollment is now open at MDC and Bean Automotive Group is targeting eager, proficient techs with a passion for high tech automobiles. They hope this initiative will enhance employment opportunities for local talent and increase the number of specialized auto pros in all four facilities: Kendall Toyota, West Kendall Toyota, Lexus of Kendall and Lexus of West Kendall.

“What better way to execute our vision of being the leading automotive group than by serving our communities and associates with an opportunity for a life-long, lucrative career in the auto industry, with Bean Automotive Group, who has served the local community in Miami-Dade for more than 52 years,” says Bean Automotive Group’s Chief Financial Officer George Wiltz.

Wiltz says they plan to “train and develop auto techs with an excellent customer service philosophy, which is the key to Bean Automotive Group’s continued success.”

Students can expect to receive a variety of health insurance benefits, free tuition, books and toolkits. After completing a full year, participants will earn an Apprenticeship Certificate of Completion and will be ready to show off their skills as professional Automotive Trained Specialists.

Applicants will go to Miami Dade College to apply at Miami Dade College Internships and click on “see if I qualify” They’ll then be directed to a short questionnaire, follow the instructions and submit to see if they get the green light!

Congrats to the Bean Automotive Group Technician Specialist Apprenticeship Class of 2022. The program combines classroom instruction and on-the-job training to prepare participants to become Automotive Technician Specialists. The one-year, 220-hour paid apprenticeship offers free tuition, health insurance, books and tools. Great job graduates. Best of luck in your new automotive careers. Check out this awesome video from the big day.