The Florida Office of Financial Regulation wishes to remind all Dealer Members that your MVRIS license must be renewed by December 31, 2022. Make sure you renew your license today via the Florida Office of Financial Regulation REAL System. If your store lost both the user ID and password, do not set-up a new account. Contact the Department at (850) 487-9687 for assistance. Read more about MVRIS licenses here.

MVRIS license allows dealers to finance sales and service products. Dealers who hold a valid MVRIS license for an entity no longer need a separate RIS license as FADA successfully removed this dual requirement in the 2012 Florida Session.

  • MVRIS License are under the Florida Office of Financial Regulation
  • Renewable in even calendar years by December 31 – must renew via REAL System
  • RIS license exemption for those “licensed by the office under part I (MVRIS)”
  • One license (either primary or branch) per legal entity per county is required.
  • One primary license is good for all stores in a single county where multiple dealerships reside, if they all operate under a single tax ID number/legal entity names.
  • If there are stores outside of the county, who also operate under the same FEIN/Legal entity as Primary MVRIS license, then those stores must be registered as “branch” locations.
  • If you have established licenses with the Secretary of State, under different names and FEINs, each entity must then have a separate MVRIS license.