2022 Legislative Session: Bills to watch


DMV Bill HB 871 (Chuck Brannan III) / SB 914 (Gayle Harrell)

Adds counties to the rebuilt motor vehicle inspection program allowing services offered by private sector participants

Digital License Plates HB 91 (Nicholas Duran) / SB 1178 (Doug Broxson) Removes pilot authority from DMV; allows digital license providers; provides DMV authority re: display and use
Digital License Plate Pilot Program  HB 815 (Sam Killebrew) / SB 812 (Dennis Baxley)

Creates the Digital License Plate Pilot Program within DMV – requiring them to contract with two or more vendors

Motor Vehicle Registration Certificate Cards/Fees HB 369 (Linked to HB 371) (Tray McCurdy) / SB 574 (Linked to SB 576) (Audrey Gibson)

Allows registration certificate cards (DL size); linked bill allows Department to collect fees re: registration certificate cards (DL size)

Private Vendor License Plate Sales HB 555 (Cord Byrd) / SB 824 (Joe Gruters)

Requires DMV to use vendor for specialty, dealer, & fleet plates (Believe vendor “License Plates of Texas, LLC” behind bill)

Motor Vehicles HB 1517 (David Smith) / SB 1346 (Tom Wright)

Changes FS language from “must obtain” title within 30 days to “must apply” for within 30 days; revising dealer licensing deny/revoke reasons to remove failure to apply title per 391.23 and add “intentional” failure to meet requirements

Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure/Fees SB 918 (Linked to 908) (Jeff Brandes)

Under DOT, creates Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure for highway right of ways / charging stations; linked bill establishes EV registration Fees; specifies only these fees can be used on EV Infrastructure

Fleet Management HB 1519 (Amber Mariano) / SB 906 (Jeff Brandes)

Requires centralized fleet management of state vehicles & requires contract with a vendor for privatizing management

Fair Repair of Agricultural Equipment HB 1535 (Stan McClain) / SB 1320 (Jennifer Bradley)

Requiring original equipment manufacturers of agricultural equipment to make certain manufacturing, diagnostic, and repair information available to independent repair providers and owners

Telephone Solicitation HB 1095 (Mike Beltran) / SB 1564 (Travis Hutson)

Revises TCPA 2021 Bill to allow live auto dialers

Motor Vehicle Repair Shops HB 643 (Scott Plakon) / SB 1088 (Ana Maria Rodriguez)

Exempting a motor vehicle repair shop engaging in tire services from providing an estimate if certain conditions are met & the information is on the final invoice

Hope Scholarship Program HB 1437 (Mike Giallombardo) / SB 506 (Manny Diaz)

Revises the disclosure on the Hope contribution form to add to the purpose of the fund

Value Of Motor Vehicles Exempt From Legal Process HB 265 (Mike Gottlieb ) / SB 528 (Tina Polsky)

Revises value of motor vehicle exempt from legal process in debtor interest from $1,000 to $5,000

Child Safety SB 1478 (Randolph Bracy)

Requiring, by a specified date, that motor vehicles be equipped with an alarm system that prompts the driver to inspect the motor vehicle for unattended occupants before exiting

Why consider getting involved in FADA’s legislative process?

  • MAKE AN IMMEDIATE IMPACT – Team up with colleages to visit Legisalators who are voting on your bills this season
  • MAKE NEW CONNECTIONS – Meet legislative staff who understand the influence of local business owners
  • DEEPEN YOUR CONNECTIONS – The relationships you form here during this process become as important as the issues being debated
  • GET AN INSIDE LOOK – Visiting dealers get an inside look into into the legislative process
  • FEEL THE POWER – There is no one with more clout than FADA dealers when we join together to lobby our Capitol together
  • YOUR FUTURE DEPENDS ON IT – Yes your Association, FADA, does a lot of great work in Tallahassee but nothing replaces the power of a a Dealer Member having a personal connection with your local Legislator