On October 1st FADA embarks on a new Fiscal Year with a team of leaders as committed as any in our history!  Outgoing Past Chairman Larry Morgan leaves our Board this year and we all owe Larry our best accolades for his unbelievable contributions in the last 4 years as an FADA officer.  Larry guided us through a maze of fundraising in the last 2 years and he lead by example!  His personal contributions to Florida legislators and leadership pacs was unmatched.  Larry is a hero in our organization and his legacy is paving the way for a new and more focused FADA legislative strategy.

Chairman Bob Lee finishes his term as Chairman and his fellow Board members offered their highest praise at the FADA Board meeting is Orlando on September 17th. As an attorney Chairman Bob was truly the right man at the perfect time to bring the warranty case in for a smooth landing.  Congrats to Bob for a sensational year!

Our new Chairman Ted Serbousek of Jon Hall Automotive is an astute leader who anyone would describe as the dealer’s dealer. His financial acumen as a CPA and his years of managerial experience in a large dealer group will pay many benefits this year.   Joining Chairman Serbousek are Vice-Chairman Jonathan Chariff of South and Vista Motors in Miami/Broward and Tom O’Steen as Treasurer from O’Steen Auto Group in JAX