Interest in electric vehicle (EV) adoption has gained momentum with consumers as more Americans learn about the benefits of EV ownership. Now, a new data analysis conducted by Recurrent Auto, a company dedicated to helping consumers buy and sell pre-owned EVs, suggests that EV adoption is moving faster than originally predicted.

Recurrent analyzed statistics from Boston Consulting Group (BCG), a management consulting firm that has released market projections for EV adoption in the coming decades every year since 2018. Recurrent found that BCG has had to revise its projections each year to reflect growing interest in EVs in both the American and international markets. In 2018, for example, the projection for domestic EV sales in the year 2030 was only 21%, but the 2022 data has revised that figure to 51%. This means interest in EVs is growing rapidly among average consumers, and local dealerships are playing no small part in this trend.

In recent years, local dealerships have mobilized to ready themselves for the next era of the automotive industry. Dealership owners have taken steps to upgrade their facilities for EV maintenance while also training their staff to repair and educate potential buyers about EVs and how they work. This, coupled with their convenient and community-based approach, has allowed dealerships to be a place where EV interest and subsequent adoption can organically thrive and grow.

Higher than expected EV adoption rates is fantastic news for the electric revolution. Thanks to local dealerships, more consumers will make the decision to switch to an EV soon and drive the country into a better future.