FADA is continually looking for ways to protect you, so we are proud to announce we have partnered with ComplyAuto to provide a solution to help you comply with the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act. This new wave of regulation being forced on dealers through the revised Safeguards Rule would be completely overwhelming for dealers if not for this new program being offered by ComplyAuto.

Dealers need to be compliant with the updated Federal Safeguards Rule as soon as possible, as most requirements became effective at the beginning of the year. Even working with ComplyAuto, compliance will not be an overnight solution and the penalties associated with not complying are extremely expensive. Compliance should begin immediately if you want to put yourself in a position to succeed in our ever-changing legal landscape.

This company has over 60 years of dealer experience. Its dealer-focused suite of tools is helping dealers across the country achieve state and federal compliance in an efficient and cost-effective way. FADA is recommending that all dealerships consider their suite of compliance products as soon as possible (see below).

  • Privacy Rights Management

This software serves as an all-in-one privacy solution for dealers. It offers an efficient data mapping tool and vendor management system that identifies how the consumer’s personal information is captured and which vendors have access.

  • Federal Safeguards Rule Compliance

This is the first dealership software to operationalize and automate the complexities of the Safeguards Rule. It creates information security programs unique to each dealership with a user-friendly tool that updates all of the required documents in real-time. It also allows dealers to perform and document required physical and technical risk assessments and efficiently collect data processing agreements from service providers using its proprietary built-in eSign feature.

  • Advanced Cybersecurity Suite

This solution reinforces data protection and cybersecurity protocols through completely remote vulnerability assessments and penetration testing (VAPT) software. It integrates dealership-specific phishing simulation software into your data protection processes with online security training.

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