By Andy Graff, Chief Operating Officer

Dealers no longer have to worry about salespeople storing sensitive customer information on their personal devices. For dealers in endorsing states, ComplyAuto’s free encryption messaging tool, ComplyCrypt, will revolutionize the information-gathering process at the dealership. The antiquated processes of collecting NPI like driver’s licenses, bank statements, and proof of income/residence, and its inherited shortcomings, is over. ComplyCrypt creates a unique, secure, and encrypted online portal for the dealership where customers can securely deposit their information. Specified dealership employees will then access this repository to download and process the documents. The portal will automatically delete the information at predetermined intervals, therefore respecting data minimization processes to keep the dealer safe.

“ComplyCrypt stands alone as the only encrypted messaging tool that ensures its usage by staff. Too many dealers waste resources on solutions that can’t guarantee actual use. With ComplyCrypt, you invest in certainty,” said Chris Cleveland, CEO of ComplyAuto.

The process is simple and efficient and can be used without having to install additional apps, create phone shortcuts or jump through unnecessary hoops. Salespeople simply scan a QR code that takes them to the dealership’s custom URL. From there, they can swiftly generate a unique file request link to the encrypted online portal and send the URL to the customer. After the customer uploads their documents, the salespeople will automatically be notified.

ComplyCrypt is for more than just salespeople. Whether the dealer is managing service loaners and rentals, or handling internal communications requesting NPI, ComplyCrypt will secure all NPI thus easily satisfying the FTC Safeguards Rule (encryption in-transit requirement) and provide a better experience for the customer. The tool also uniquely safeguards dealerships with a real-time detection feature. If staff send sensitive information through insecure channels, such as regular email, the tool immediately alerts an administrator, ensuring compliance with federal and state laws.

Additionally, ComplyCrypt empowers dealers with a secure file-sharing capability. This advanced feature allows dealers to transmit sensitive information, such as customer files or contractual data, in a fully encrypted and protected manner. Rest assured, confidential information remains safe and secure during transmission with ComplyCrypt.

In an effort to prioritize affordability and accessibility, ComplyCrypt is free for our existing clients in endorsing states!

If you would like to learn more about ComplyCrypt or ComplyAuto’s full suite of dealer tools, please visit, send an email to [email protected], or call (661) 214-9760.