As claims questions arise from the aftermath of Hurricane Ian, one of the more confusing topics tends to be damages that may occur to a customer’s auto held for service; and who is liable to pay for any damage that may have occurred to the vehicle. In this circumstance, the garage-keepers coverage will respond in one of two ways.

1) Direct Primary Coverage covers damage to the customer’s vehicle, regardless of who is liable. Unlike Legal Liability, Direct Primary encompasses loss due to weather and theft, assuming the business made a sufficient attempt to protect the vehicle. There are policies that are also limited direct primary, and generally an “Act of God” is not the responsibility of the dealership.

2) Legal Liability Coverage covers damage that you are legally liable for and excludes those claims (and others) that are considered an “Act of God” such as wind, hail and named storm events.

Consult your policy for the specific details and language. Or contact FADA Associate Member IOA, who would be glad to help.

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