Congratulations to Executive Director of Operations, Beth Gorton, for her recognition by CDK Global as an outstanding female leader in the automotive industry! Beth has been nominated as part of CDK Global’s “Women Paving the Way in 2023.”

Beth Gorton came to the Proctor Dealerships during her senior year of high school to work part-time as a receptionist and file clerk. That part-time job has turned into a full-time career spanning more than 4 decades and ten different automobile franchises. However, even prior to joining us in high school, Beth had roots in the car business. Beth’s father was employed with GMAC for over 30 years and her grandfather worked with Ransom E. Olds, of Oldsmobile, in Michigan.

Beth has experience in all aspects of automobile dealership operation, including 15 years as a Controller. Currently, as Executive Director of Operations, she works with our third and fourth generations of Proctor Ownership to advance their vision of the ever-evolving and highly competitive automobile business. Key areas of her focus include business strategies and actions to maintain a competitive advantage in the marketplace and sustainable profitability. Through ongoing development and execution of established processes for all dealership departments, Beth’s work with Proctor achieves optimal operational efficiency and maximized profits.

Thank you Beth for Paving The Way in the automotive Industry!