The FTC is on the road in Florida looking at used car guides and several stores have been cited.  The federal Used Car Rule requires dealers to display on each used car offered for sale a window sticker, called a “Buyers Guide,” that includes warranty and other important information for consumers. The FTC recently revised the Used Car Rule and issued a revised Buyers Guide that dealers have been required to use since January 28, 2018.

The FTC and local compliance inspectors found Buyers Guides on 70 percent of the more than 2,300 vehicles inspected, with almost half of those displaying the revised Buyers Guide and half displaying old guides.
There are two versions of the Buyers Guide: One says “As Is – No Dealer Warranty.”  The other says, “Implied Warranties Only.”  Florida permits dealers to sell a vehicle as-is and a dealer can offer a vehicle for sale without a warranty – written or implied.  Therefore, dealers in Florida must use the “As Is” version and check the box next to the heading “As Is- No Dealer Warranty” when selling a vehicle as is or check the box next to the heading “Dealer Warranty” and complete the warranty information if a warranty is offered.  More information can be found on the Federal Trade Commission’s website.