Now that the election is over, it is time to govern.  Republicans will continue to dominate the legislative process in Tallahassee and now will hold a veto-proof majority in both chambers.  They hold 28 of 40 seats in the Senate and 81 of 120 seats in the House.

Republicans defeated five Democratic incumbents in the Florida House and we have 21 new House members:

Doug Broxson-District 1, Reggie Fullwood-District 15, Keith Perry-District 22, Dennis Baxley-District 24, Larry Metz-District 25, Fred Costello-District 26, Jason Brodeur-District 33, James Grant-District 47, Dana Young-District 57, Shawn Harrison-District 60, Ben Albritton-District 66, Greg Stuebe-District 67, Jim Boyd-District 68, Gayle Harrell-District 81, Pat Rooney-District 83, Bill Hager-District 87, Jeanette Nunez-District 112, Ana Rivas Logan-District 114, Jose Diaz-District 115, Carlos Trujillo-District 116, Michael Bileca-District 117

Republicans took hold of two state Senate seats with new Senator Lizbeth Benacquisto-District 27 and new (and returning) Sen. Jack Latvala-District 16.  We also have 8 other new Senators: Greg Evers-District 2, Bill Montford-District 6, Jim Norman-District 12, Alan Hays-District 20, Ellyn Bogdanoff-District 25, Miguel Diaz de la Portilla-District 36, Anitere Flores-District 38, and David Simmons (moved from House to Senate).