Revisions to Florida’s Laws Regulating Towing Companies

An initiative requiring a towing operator to make additional checks on vehicles in their possession prior to offering a towed vehicle for public sale. This safeguard would protect dealers who have had used or new cars stolen and then recovered by towing companies. Also would protect vehicle owners whose title data may not be located in either the FRVIS or NMVTIS databases.

Franchised and independent dealers are losing vehicles but in the case of new vehicles stolen, with only an MSO as proof of ownership, these new cars are sold in public sales after being held for 50 days without sufficient efforts to find the franchised dealer owner.

Our proposal:

To require towers at least 24 hours prior to a public sale to check a national database to ensure that the vehicle is not stolen. Failure to perform the check negates the sale and the tower is prohibited from collecting towing and storage fees.

No bill by FADA – looking to amend an existing proposal by towing companies – HB 381 by John Wood and SB 786 by Greg Evers. If unable to amend this bill we will seek another legislative vehicle.