Thursday, February 16, 2017 (Please click through images above to see pictures from Dealer Day on the Hill 2017.)

The last two days in Tallahassee were just magical thanks to you and your willingness to drop everything and participate in our Mike Maher Dealer Day and our Board meeting. Thank you so much for your support and commitment to the present and future of your industry!

There is just nothing like what you can accomplish when you come to Tallahassee. I saw it in the reactions of our legislators and FADA will continue to benefit for weeks from the hours you spent in the hallways of the Capitol! Honestly, you make me so proud to work for you!

You are the best lobbyists in the state because you exhibit the passion necessary for our legislators to understand our issues.

I am also so proud of our Chairman, Tom O’Steen, and Legislative Chairman Ted Serbousek, who brought their own special touches and leadership to these events. They spend countless hours preparing for you and your visits, as well as the Board meeting topics.

Our lawyers and lobbyists are truly the dream team as well! Their work on your behalf is just stellar and is unmatched! You can see their commitment shining through all they do.

For those of you who gave us checks for Senator Gainer and Rep. White, I am just so thankful for this kind of support. These gentlemen were deeply touched by this outpouring of support from their fellow dealers and you helped to cement the relationship with FADA for years to come!

What a team of volunteers and leaders! I am blessed and proud to work for you and with our lawyer/lobby team!