Have you made improvements over the years aimed at increasing your energy efficiency and saving on energy costs? As Earth Day 2021 is upon us, NADA is excited to announce that we are working in partnership with Environmental Protection Agency through the Energy Star program to help you gain recognition for your efforts. Our Energy Star partnership is designed to save franchised dealerships money, promote energy efficiency and generate goodwill in your community.

Energy Star recognizes businesses that have made outstanding cost-saving, energy efficiency efforts by awarding them with Energy Star certifications. Car dealerships are not yet eligible for Energy Star certification because the data does not exist to allow dealership facility energy use to be compared nationwide. NADA knows of the great work dealers all over the country have made to reduce their energy consumption, and we want to make sure they receive the spotlight they deserve.

For franchised dealerships to qualify for an Energy Star certification award, baseline data on energy use must be collected. NADA needs your help to gather the data needed to develop an Energy Star score for franchised dealerships. Dealers will be able to compare their energy performance with other dealerships nationwide using a simple, easy-to-understand score. This data will enable dealers to focus on areas of future energy-use reductions (and cost savings). Top-performing dealerships may be eligible to earn coveted Energy Star certification.

At your earliest convenience, please have an office manager, facilities manager or other employee review the instructions and complete one voluntary, 20-minute survey for each dealership location. The deadline for survey completion is Saturday, June 5, 2021. Email any questions to [email protected]. Thank you in advance for taking the time and making the effort to support this important endeavor.