Renew your dealer license and MVRIS license by December 31

(Click here to read about VF dealer license renewals with HSMV)


MVRIS License Renewals

MVRIS licenses will expire on December 31 and must be renewed now through the Office of Financial Regulation online REAL system. The Office of Financial Regulation has sent a renewal notice to all dealers (click here for sample renewal notice).

A MVRIS licenses is required per legal entity per county. This means every dealership entity (by tax ID number) must have a license. This single license is good for all stores in a single county where multiple dealerships reside, if they all operate under a single tax ID number/legal entity names. If there are stores outside of the county, who also operate under the same Tax ID/Legal entity name as a Primary MVRIS license, then those stores must be registered as “branch locations. If you have established licenses with the Secretary of State, under different names and tax ID numbers, each entity must then have a separate MVRIS license.

You can look up your license on the REAL System here.

If you fail to renew and continue to do business with an inactive or expired license this can result in significant administrative actions and fines. Renew your license today.


Please contact the Florida Office of Financial Regulations for any MVRIS license renewal questions.  Licenses must be renewed online through the REAL system. If you do not have access to your existing account, please contact the Office at 850-410-9895.  To renew a license, please log into Online Services as a returning user.

NOTE: Please access your EXISTING online account to RENEW your current license. Please do not create a new online account and apply for a new license in order to renew your license. Renewal licenses are issued immediately whereas new license applications take time to process and could result in unlicensed activity if not approved before your existing license becomes inactive.