FADA Services, Inc. (a for-profit subsidiary of FADA) has several Endorsed Partner Programs designed to provide competitive pricing, while meeting the needs of our members and your association. And since FADA and FADA Services work for YOU, Florida’s franchised dealer, buying from an FADA Services’ Endorsed Partner is like buying from yourself!

The following companies have preferred pricing programs for FADA members:

In 2011 and 2013, courts in two different cases (Rogers and Basulto) held that an arbitration clause contained in a retail buyer’s order was unenforceable when a subsequently signed retail sales installment contract stated it was the entire agreement between the parties.  In addition to amending the LAW 553-FL, two additional documents have been designed with terms and conditions consistent with the disclosures and agreements contained in the LAW 553-FL.

These new documents were cooperatively written by Reynolds and FADA legal counsel and have been reviewed by Reynolds legal specialists, major lenders, and Hudson Cook, LLP for legal sufficiency.

Reduce risk, improve worker safety, and streamline processes with KPA’s comprehensive compliance programs. Our Environmental Health and Safety, HR Management, and Sales & Finance programs are specifically designed to meet the needs of businesses like yours in the automotive industry. We deliver expertise using online, onsite, and on-call resources driving a safer workplace and a more effective workforce.

DealerDOCX helps auto dealers reduce the space needed to store sales and service documents by delivering a turnkey scanning solution.  DealerDOCX does all the work for you, scanning your files to a robust cloud application.

Digital documents help the dealer quickly meet audit requirements and better safeguard customer Information.

The automotive industry is constantly evolving, with the landscape of sales and service changing as
rapidly as new transportation technology. You deserve a partner who understands the need to adapt
quickly and who leads the way, when needed.

American Fidelity does just that by continually looking at the latest trends in employer benefit solutions
for the automotive industry and building strategic, custom recommendations. As a specialist in your
industry, American Fidelity can provide you with a different perspective — a different opinion.

Humana offers affordable, flexible plan designs, dental and vision benefit expertise, expansive nationwide networks and a passion for service. This has enabled Humana to grow into one of the largest dental and vision insurance carriers in the country, with over 12 million dental and vision members and more than 30 years of experience.

DLRdmv provides safe and secure etitling solutions to Dealers painlessly. Our eTitling automation provides real-time tags and registration, connecting dealers directly to the DMV for metal plates, temp tags and provides smarter business solutions.

Our AccuFee Calculator provides precision fee quotes accurately at the point-of-sale which eliminates costly refund checks, maximizes FI gross opportunities, and provides proprietary AccuFee technology.

Our F&I eForms provide laser deal packs which save time and optimize workflows by auto-populating deal forms, lighning F&I printing and steamlining titling processing.

The Florida Automobile Dealers Association credit card is dedicated for purchases at specific FADA dealerships.  Often, retailers prefer their own card because it offers customers another way to shop with them, thus increasing sales.