FADA's Endorsed Partners

FADA Services, Inc. (a for-profit subsidiary of FADA) has several Endorsed Partner Programs designed to provide competitive pricing, while meeting the needs of our members and your Association.  FADA and FADA Services work for YOU, Florida’s franchised dealer, so buying from a FADA Services’ Endorsed Partner is like buying from yourself!

FADA's Compliance Resources

FADA’s Compliance Resource Center is designed to provide accurate and authoritative information on a variety of day-to-day issues that arise in your dealership.  It is a quick reference for every department from Sales and F&I, to Service and Administration.

FADA's Education Initiatives

FADA brings professional development to your dealership through high-quality services and programs. Our monthly member e-news keeps you informed of any FADA Endorsed Partner initiatives. Additionally, we have a full-time team member working with techical programs around the state to continue to help recruit and educate the most reliable, credentialed auto industry technicians available. 

FADA's Legal Team

FADA’s legal team represents a wealth of knowledge to the auto industry, specializing in complex operational and franchise law. They are available to answer general questions about laws and regulations affecting your business.