November 30 is a huge day in Florida as AutoPoint/Title Tec and the other vendors leave the legacy system and move over to the new DMV Orion system.

This is what you need to know to move forward on November 30th per AutoPoint/TitleTec management:

  • Access to create new deals in the legacy system has been disabled for all users.
  • A full system shut-down is scheduled for the end of November, at the state’s discretion.
  • It is important now to close out all pending deals prior to shut-down.
  • If a deal is voided, it will need to be recreated in the new Orion system.
  • Dealerships need to work with their County and/or Tax Collector to move metal plate inventory if not already completed.
  • All stores should now be transacting in the NEW ORION system for Florida.