2021’s Legislative Agenda is crucial to FADA

Please join us in supporting FADA’s DMV Enforcment Bill, HB 677 / SB 978. Read below to understand the bill and contact Ted Smith for more information.

  1. Creates a path for FADA to bring these claims on dealers’ behalf
  2. Require DMV to investigate and develop an opinion on the issues presented
  3. Gives DMV broad subpoena power to conduct investigations
  4. Ensures DMV determines when a violation has occurred so that it must take action to correct the violation 

Why get involved in FADA’s legislative process?

  • MAKE AN IMMEDIATE IMPACT – Team up with colleages to visit Legisalators who are voting on your bills this season
  • MAKE NEW CONNECTIONS – Meet legislative staff who understand the influence of local business owners
  • DEEPEN YOUR CONNECTIONS – The relationships you form here during this process become as important as the issues being debated
  • GET AN INSIDE LOOK – Visiting dealers get an inside look into into the legislative process
  • FEEL THE POWER – There is no one with more clout than FADA dealers when we join together to lobby our Capitol together
  • YOUR FUTURE DEPENDS ON IT – Yes your Association, FADA, does a lot of great work in Tallahassee but nothing replaces the power of a a Dealer Member having a personal connection with your local Legislator