A complete shut-down of all FLHSMV systems is planned for the weekend of November 13-15. All systems will shut-down at 8 pm EST on November 13 and are anticipated to be back up by 8 am EST on November 16. This includes, but is not limited to, FDLIS, FRVIS, ETR, EFS, ELT, CVISN, and Virtual Office.

Dealers will not be able to process transactions during this time and need to plan accordingly. We encourage dealers to proactively be prepared with an adequate stock of pre-printed temporary tags from the Tax Collectors’ office.  However, please be advised that these temporary tags may only be used when there is a system outage.

Dealers licensed to sell motor vehicles and recreational vehicles retail are authorized to purchase pre-printed temporary tags for use when there is an ETR system outage from any tax collector’s office using form HSMV 83090, Application by Florida Motor Vehicle, Mobile Home, or Recreation Vehicle Dealer for Temporary plates. When issuing a preprinted temporary tag due to a system outage, the dealer must report that issuance via their ETR vendor.  Detailed information is available in Procedure RS 31 on Temporary License Plates.

If you have any questions please contact your Regional Office.