FADA Needs Your Immediate Help on HB969 / SB1734, Dealers are in the crosshairs and need to take ACTION now!
Your message to your Legislators is simple: Vote “No” on HB969 / SB1734 with the private right of action included! Please ask them to add a delayed enforcement date if they must pass a complicated bill this Session. We would prefer no bill at all but we know that the House, Senate and Governor want something. Phone calls are the only answer – find the phone numbers below. Do one more thing please – tell us you made the calls! Follow with emails to their Tallahassee offices and copy us at [email protected].
Please CALL the following NOW:
  • Your House and Senate member (click here to find phone numbers)
  • President of the Senate, Senator Wilton Simpson (850) 487-5229
  • Speaker of the House, Representative Chris Sprowls (850) 717-5000
  • Governor’s office (850) 717-9337


The leadership of the Florida House and Senate are driving a Florida Privacy Bill to try to stop Big Tech companies from capturing and selling consumer personal data. But the only way to get to the Big Tech companies that are driving these data attacks is to go through Florida businesses by way of a very complicated Privacy Bill.
While we may agree with the conceptual sentiment for this bill, it will do harm to every Florida business that collects, stores and transfers data to industry affiliates and vendors as part of their industry transactions.
Last week the proponents added the killer provision – giving trial lawyers the private right of action. This provision will subject your store(s) to lawsuits from trial lawyers who will be able to sue you over an alleged violation of any single provision in HB969 / SB1734.
What the bill does:
  • It gives consumers the right to control how their personal data is shared and sold.
  • It requires you to publish a privacy policy and tell consumers, if asked, what data you have on them, how you got it, and how you or anyone you send it to will use it.
  • Consumers can ask you to have that information deleted or corrected.
  • Failure to properly comply will allow any consumer to sue you for damages and attorney fees, plus subject you to possible action by the Attorney General’s office. Both bills have a private right of action that needs to be removed!
Almost every state has a Privacy Bill in the works. All Florida businesses would like to be exempted, but leadership does not want to open that door. This legislation is complicated and we don’t think Dealers will be able to comply so you will become a target.
Every dealer must get involved today! Phone calls to your House and Senate member and the Governor’s office is our only hope to see this legislation amended to remove the private right of action.
Finally, please email [email protected] so we can track action taken by our dealers.