March 17 Update: COVID -19

The 2020 Session of the Florida legislature just ended and FADA is focused on the COVID-19 crisis and its potential impact on you, your employees and our state economy. We are working to be your information source for dealer impacts by reading articles and memos from associations, legal teams, NADA and chambers.

You received our initial guidance late yesterday. We have since seen the Governor’s pronouncements on closing bars and nightclubs . Other states are going much further. Governor DeSantis and the State of Florida have activated the Florida Small Business Emergency Bridge Loan Program , which provides short term, interest-free loans to small businesses (2-100 employees) impacted by COVID-19.

Yesterday we sent an important message to Governor DeSantis about the positive impact our industry has on the Florida budget –  almost $4 billion in annual sales tax revenue . The Governor’s Chief of Staff has indicated that they are not considering closing dealerships.

FADA is concerned about localities making anti-dealer decisions, as the State has no authority over these jurisdictions. We would suggest that all dealers work through your local dealer associations, such as JADA, CFADA, TNADA and SFADA to ensure that your local governments are aware of the necessity of your operations.

Additionally, I am in contact with the officials at DMV pending a reduction or closure of state agencies as we cannot allow this to impact titling and registration. DMV indicated today that there is no planned reduction in titiling and registration personnel. The same conversations are being held with tax collectors who may reduce staff operations.

Finally, if you haven’t already, please register for Thursday’s NADA webinar entitled “Running a Dealership During a Pandemic: Legal Issues and Federal Mandates ,” at 1pm.

And remember you can visit our website anytime to find an up-to-date list of all relevant announcements and information available to us.