We have just discovered that the Data Privacy bill may be returning to the Legislature during a Special Session on May 23rd. This cumbersome and misunderstood bill would have severe negative consequences on Florida’s dealerships.

We are asking every FADA Member to call and email the Governor immediately. Your action now can have a huge impact!

The Governor believes that going after big tech will provide good talking points for the Florida Republican party because most people are just plain tired of the personal intrusions that come with data sharing. But instead of aiming at just the sellers of data, the bill will require that you comply because you share data that may or may not be sold.

Please contact the Governor with your opposition. With elections coming up it would be a mistake to pass a bill with this much anti-business sentiment. Dealers, your OEM automakers and JM family are all opposed.

Contact Governor Ron DeSantis now:
(850) 717-9337

Your message:

I am calling to oppose any action by the Legislature to impose a Data Privacy bill on my dealership. We do collect customer data in several different ways, but we only share data with others as part of our transactions. We do not sell data!

While the idea may poll well, this legislation will force me to spend thousands of dollars to comply and none of this will stop the big tech companies.

To implement this compliance I will have to hire IT personnel and totally revise how I do business. This is an awful time to implement more regulation because the new Federal Safeguards Rule is already causing a title wave of new compliance and expenses in my store(s).