Dealers are “essential” for sales and service
It is the position of FADA that Florida’s new car dealerships are an essential business. Sales and service departments are fulfilling important functions for Florida consumers who require safe access to transportation.

Sales departments are following COVID guidelines and implementing safety protocols, but are necessary for:
  • Doing the back-stage work to complete online sales – things like titling and registration required before a car can be delivered
  • Lease turn-ins, as every day Florida leases end and sales departments handle returns – without this service individuals and companies leasing vehicles could face penalties from leasing companies
  • Replacement of damaged vehicles in accidents – when vehicles are damaged or totaled the family must be able to secure a replacement vehicle
  • With many businesses shutting down retail operations, new commercial vehicles will be required for home deliveries
  • Purchasing a vehicle when repair facilities are not available or when the costs of repair make a new vehicle purchase more practical
  • With new interest-free loans from OEM’s, dealers can help customers reduce payments and free up funds for their immediate needs
Service departments ensure that Floridians have working vehicles for:
  • Getting to medical services and food facilities or grocery stores
  • Traveling safely and avoiding public transportation or ride sharing conditions that may not be safe
  • Helping family members who may need emergency assistance or care
  • First responders who must be able to reach deployment
Please continue to let us know of any local attempts to declare dealerships non-essential.