There is no one with more clout than FADA when we join                together on Dealer Day!

           Join FADA  January 22, 2020 for our next DEALER DAY ON THE HILL event! FADA’s collective presence is                         persuasive and impacts every legislator. In fact, it continues to impact them for the balance of the Session.                   When dealers participate in DEALER DAY ON THE HILL, we brief every dealer and send you in teams to meet               with specific legislators. When these legislators see the passion and hear the reasons for a bill from a local                   dealer, this creates a momentum that is unstoppable. Yes, we have a great staff and lobbying team covering               all of our bills, but the presence of local dealers reminds legislators why these bills are important to their                     constituents where the legislators live, work and get elected. Email [email protected] to find out                                 information.