What happens when dealers leave their dealerships to fight for you in Tallahassee?

√ Immediate impact on legislators who are voting on our bills

√ Legislator”s staff get excited because dealers are like celebrities back home

√ The relationships become as important as the issues being debated

√ There is no opponent with more clout than dealers when you participate

√ The visiting dealers get to see the process and how important it is to your future earnings

FADA is humbled and thankful for the attendance of our FADA Board members and dealer guests at this year’s Mike Maher Dealer Day on the Hill!

Why should you applaud these dealers for coming to Tallahassee?

Because while they did no magic tricks, their presence was persuasive and impacted every legislator that day and will continue to impact them for the balance of the Session!

These 40 of your peers left a huge impact because FADA briefed every dealer there and they knew the subject and built the rapport for the FADA lobby team to continue. In addition they actually participated in the first Senate hearing on our Dealer Data bill, SB 960.

Having dealers calling on specific legislators who will determine the fate of our dealer bills is magical in the sense that these men and women made a statement by their presence.

When state legislators see the passion and hear the reasons for a bill from their local dealer, this creates a momentum that is unstoppable. Yes, we have a great staff and lobbying team covering all of our bills, but the presence of dealers seals the deal!