When FADA alerts you one of your legislator(s) is schedule to hear a bill, then your immediate action is to call them at their district office or in Tallahassee depending on the timing mentioned in the alert.

The call

When the phone is answered identify yourself as a local dealer in the member’s area, ask whom you are speaking to (receptionist, or legislative staff member).  Ask to speak to speak to the legislator if available.  If they are not in the office, ask which person on the staff you could give a brief synopsis to, (but also ask for a time to best reach the member themselves).

  • Provide a quick update – most staff will not know much about the bill.  Use the bill number, tell them it is coming up in their committee (for instance Senate Transportation – Feb 22 at 1:30pm).
  • Ask for the member’s cell number and ask if they believe it would be ok to call the cell and leave a brief message?
  • Follow your call with polite thanks and tell them you will follow up by email – request the best address for that – many members have direct emails, not just the House or Senate provided one that everyone uses.
  • Then follow-up with a thank you email and most importantly, copy FADA at [email protected]

Important note about speaking with your Legislators and their Staff:

Making these calls is all about relationship building.  Every person who answers the phone is important and needs the utmost courtesy.  They get bombarded daily before and during Session.  Sometimes you might even have a family member or close friend working in the office so your best is required.  The goal is to communicate a simple message but open the door for further communication back home and support for the candidate (just never discuss money or contributions as this is illegal when they are in Tallahassee on business).