2021 Fuel Economy Guide Now Available
By law, dealers must provide the guide to customers upon request

The U.S. Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency have just released the 2021 Fuel Economy Guide. The guide provides detailed fuel economy estimates for model year 2021 light-duty vehicles, along with estimated annual fuel costs and other information for prospective buyers. By law, dealers must display the guide and provide copies to customers upon request. Dealers may choose to print copies to have on hand or provide access to the electronic version/website on a computer or electronic device in the display area. The regulations ensure that prospective customers have ready access to fuel economy information for current model year vehicles.

2021 Fuel Economy Guide

  • Enhanced Electronic Access  The 2021 Fuel Economy Guide will be published in electronic (paperless) format only. The online guide will be updated periodically to include newly released vehicle models and current fuel cost estimates. You can download the latest Fuel Economy Guide and print copies as needed.
  • Subscribe to the Email List  Provide your email to ensure that you receive notification about the new guide each year.
  • Display Signage  Download and print a sign/poster to place in the display area directing customers to the Fuel Economy Guide (this step is optional and is not required by law).

See the EPA/DOE letter to dealers detailing how to make the guide available to customers.