Thirty FADA dealer members came to Tallahassee to educate and influence members of the Florida Legislature during one of the last “Committee Weeks” prior to the start of the 2015 Legislative Session on March 3, 2015. Click here to view 2015 session update.

These dealers deserve your praise because they left their very busy stores and lives and spent their own resources to improve your industry.

  • They built relationships – There is nothing more powerful than a dealer taking time to come to Tallahassee to meet with his/her House or Senate member! Even if you have no pressing business this kind of relationship building is a seed for future success
  • They educated and enlightened – Using our FADA data highlighting our industry statistics on sales, employees and retail sales tax contributed these dealers discussed just how significant our business is to Florida’s economy
  • Discussed the advantages of the franchise system – With so much competition coming from third parties and so much anti-dealer sentiment in the news these visits provided a huge opportunity to discuss how consumers benefit from our franchise system in Florida
  • Franchise bill this Session– Your fellow dealers also talked about why it is important to keep our franchise laws updated due to mounting pressures from your manufacturers that challenge your ability to operate profitably and remain vital for your local customers
  • Sharing our agenda – Dealers are having some problems with stolen vehicles and recovering them from some towing companies, so we are asking that dealers get some protection under towing laws to prevent public sales of vehicles stolen from dealerships
  • Thanking them for their service – These are citizen legislators so we thanked them for serving you and others while balancing their own careers. We offered to help with their next campaign and dealers invited them to pay their store a visit after the Session