FADA/CFNA Private Label Credit Card Program


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Download a full (.pdf) brochure or Call 1.800.527.6770 to get started.

The Florida Automobile Dealers Association credit card is dedicated for purchases at specific FADA dealerships.  Often, retailers prefer their own card because it offers customers another way to shop with them, thus increasing sales.

  • Convenience for your customers
  • Builds customer loyalty for your location
  • Stimulates more sales for your business 
  • Keeps customers coming back for repeat purchases
  • Every new FADA credit card issued will be embossed with YOUR DEALERSHIP NAME!
It’s a “portable billboard” in your customer’s wallet, offering you the opportunity to build a database of marketable customers.

What Can the FADA Credit Card Offer You & Your Customers?

You and your customers will receive a superior level of service and exclusive features with the FADA credit card program that makes CFNA the best in class!  Call 1.800.527.6770 to get started.


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