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Specialists in the Auto Retail Industry

Since 1960, American Fidelity has been working side-by-side with thousands of dealerships and the hard-working people who keep them running all across the nation. Throughout times of industry change, their commitment has been solid. That’s why American Fidelity has more than 40 state auto association endorsements and sponsorships.

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Employer Services

Employee Benefits


American Fidelity provides a wide range of services that can help
you and your employees maximize
your tax advantage savings and better manage the costs
associated with various benefits.
American Fidelity can work with
you to serve the needs of your employees by enhancing your current benefits program or by creating a new one.
Great benefits are invaluable to your employees. And with American Fidelity, you can give them the added value of our one-on-one service and convenience.

Account Contact

Molly Barksdale
Florida District Manager
Ph: (850) 528-3219

Information and solutions from American Fidelity to help employers manage their new responsibilities.

400 N. Meridian Street
Tallahassee, FL 32301

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